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Case Study - Freelance Writer, Robbie Galvin

By Darren Carlin in Case Study on October 20th, 2019

Our favourite kind of job.

When Robbie came to us originally, he wanted to write some articles for us. He wrote this one and did some copy work on various other posts. When he came to us again recently, he told us he was starting to get more freelance work and this time he was looking for a website of his own. He had a simple idea in mind for his website, but he didn't want to use a site builder like Wordpress or Wix; he didn't like the idea of using a template that potentially thousands of other people were using too. His website requirements were as follows: 

  • One of a kind, unique design.

  • Stylistically minimal.

  • Easy to navigate.

  • A place to show all his work in the simplest way possible.

  • A tool for potential clients to contact him via email.

  • A way for him to update his information.

This is what we came up with for him.

It was an incredibly simple idea for a website, which allowed us to focus on the style and user experience. 

Breaking it all down

Let's browse the website and walk through all the design choices. 

Landing Page & Navigation

For the landing page, we decided to go with a full-screen page which fades in, in a cascade fashion. Instantly you can tell what Robbie does; he's a science, travel, and environment writer. We used an off-centre title, subtitle and tagline to give the page an arty feel. We also used a bouncing chevron to let the user know they can scroll down, which is a pretty common practice in web design. Click the chevron to be brought to the next section. 

The navigation is a simple burger menu which, when clicked on, displays a full-screen menu with the various page sections. We did this to keep things minimal. 

About Section

The ‘about’ section is pretty self-explanatory. We used a similar cascade animation for fading in the text info. If you are viewing on anything larger than a mobile device you'll see a line, chevron, and text on the left-hand side. At the top of this line, which runs vertical to the text, is the title of the section the user is currently looking at (in this case, the ‘about’ section). At the bottom it says ‘work,’ and hovering over ‘work’ will yield a simple but effective animation bringing the line and chevron together to form an arrow. Click the word 'work' to be brought to the next section.

Work Section

Next up is the work section, which again is fairly self-explanatory. We wanted this section to showcase Robbie’s best work, the work he wants to feature. In the back end CMS we set this up so that each article he adds, Robbie can choose whether or not he wants it to be featured on the home page. Each link brings you directly to the article, away from Robbie’s site, keeping things as simple as possible. At the bottom, you can see 'all work' which brings the user to a dedicated page to view his complete list of work. On the left, you'll see the same arrow prompting the user to move to the next section. Click on 'contact' to be brought to the next category.

Contact Section

The final section on the home page is the ‘contact’ section. It's a simple form that sends all the info to Robbie’s email. You'll notice we removed the chevron from the left side, as this is the last section on the page other than the footer which just contains simple copyright info and his email. 

Work Page

If we scroll back up and click on the link to view all of Robbie’s work, we'll be brought to the ‘work’ page. All of his writings are displayed in chronological order, again using the cascade fade-in animation to keep consistent with the rest of the site. 

The technical details...

The website is fully responsive and all the content is entirely managed by Robbie in our easy-to-use CMS.

Here’s the Google Lighthouse score for this website. These are scores we aim for with each website we build.

Desktop Google Lighthouse Score


We enjoyed working with Robbie on this website. Turnaround time was roughly just under a week, so if you're a freelancer looking to have a simple, stand-out presence on the web, do reach out to us. All initial contact is free with no commitment necessary — we love to chat about ideas surrounding potential projects. 

Also, if you need a freelance writer based around the sciences, reach out to Robbie, you know where to find him now! 

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Author: Darren is the founder and lead developer at dazzle works. He's from Waterford but lives all over, currently in NYC consuming way too much coffee and pizza.

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