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Do you run a company without a website?

By Darren Carlin in Hints and Tips on June 19th, 2019

“I don’t need a website; I use social media.” 

 Social media reach can account for a large enough chunk of your potential audience, depending on your targeted demographic.

Facebook daily use in Ireland is sitting at about 46% of the population, where roughly 30% of those users are in the age range of 24 - 30 years old.

Instagram sits a little lower than Facebook at about 37.6% of the population, and interestingly about 30% of those users are also in a similar age range of 25 - 34.

In general, roughly 89% of the population in Ireland use the Internet daily. About 97% of 16 – 44 year-olds use the internet while 48% of 60 - 70-year-olds use the internet every day. From these stats, we can surmise that your business could be losing up to 50% of its potential audience by relying exclusively on social media and neglecting a standalone web page.

In a recent analytics report we did for a client, we found that over 53.2% of acquisition to their website for the year was through organic search (google, bing, yahoo, etc ) which came out to just over 1000 unique users. We mention this particular client’s website because the sole purpose of its creation was to add an online presence as another avenue for potential customers. With no real site promotion over the year, 1000 unique users is a fantastic result.

This is not to suggest that you delete your social media accounts; as much as people like to complain about social media, it is very much integral to your business success. The advertising aspects they can offer you is unparalleled with anything else out there.  

“But social media is free!”

 True, websites can be expensive, and with monthly maintenance costs like hosting, domain names, security updates and more, it can seem daunting to get started, but...

 Did you know? You can claim up to 100% of website-related expenses in your tax return. 

 This is something that you may not have realised, but as a company owner in Ireland, any sort of advertising costs related to the promotion of your business can be expensed, and this includes either one-off or ongoing costs. These include server and domain costs. 

So essentially having a website to promote your business (as long as its sole purpose is to promote your business) is free, minus the up-front costs of getting your website up and running. There is also a Local Enterprise Office grant you can apply for to offset these costs, though this is concerning e-commerce websites only.

Having a website is a long-term investment in your company. It should be seen as an essential complement to the other avenues you use to gain new customers whether that be social media, radio, newspaper etc. You spent a lot of time getting it your business off the ground, now get it online.

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Author: Darren is the founder and lead developer at dazzle works. He's from Waterford but lives all over, currently in NYC consuming way too much coffee and pizza.

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