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Website builders vs Hiring an Agency

By Darren Carlin in Hints and Tips on July 15th, 2019

So you have a new business idea? You think it's unique and it's gonna take your potential audience by storm...you’ve worked out your products or services, and target market. You’re eager to launch but then you realise...you still need a website! 

On our home page, we mention that this is a key part of our drive here at dazzle works...to be the stepping stone for businesses and individuals to get online and be successful.

How could you have forgotten about one of the most essential tools for any business in today's world? So now, where do you start? You go to Google and search “ <business type> websites how-to” or “Web Design <in my local area>.” You browse a few agency websites and almost keel over looking at some of the prices. “I haven’t even started to make a profit yet, how can I shell out €1000s to get a professional website?" You go back to Google and add the word “cheap” into your search. This time your results seem a little more promising. “Website builders...what are those?”

Site builders like Square Space, Wordpress, and Wix will help get your website looking good enough to get startedIf you have some technical know-how (and we don’t mean knowing how to code, just being comfortable on a computer is good enough) and a little creative flair you could have a functional website for your business in 2 - 7 days. 

But that’s not the be-all and end-all, unfortunately, other aspects such as Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Analytics are also important when it comes to having an online presence and more importantly having that presence be successful. It can even get more confusing when you realise these can all be their own specific specialisations. Here are some reasons why you would do it your self using the various site builders out there. 

Reasons for DIY


✅ Technical know-how

You have some technical know-how and like to get your hands dirty whilst also having the patience to deal with things when they go wrong (and they will go wrong, believe us). 

✅ Time to invest

You have plenty of time to invest in learning one of these services to get your site up and running.

✅ You are creative

You consider yourself creative. Building websites can be an incredibly creative and rewarding process.. almost an art in itself. 

✅ Revenue / Budget

You are just starting with your business, perhaps as an individual with little to no revenue stream or budget. Doing it yourself will be far cheaper.

✅ Risk

You find the decreased risk of doing it yourself appealing, and want the option to abandon ship at any time with minimal losses.

✅ Hobby

You consider your business idea a hobby, at least for the time being. dazzle works was a hobby for almost two years before coming to fruition. 

Tick those boxes?

If you tick most of these boxes, it's probably worth looking into doing it yourself but if that doesn’t seem very interesting to you, keep reading and I will point out some reasons you wouldn’t want to build your own website. 

 Reasons not to DIY


✅ Budget

If you have any budget at all it’s worth getting an opinion from a few different agencies. Most reputable agencies will offer you a free consultation.

✅ Customisation

No site builder can give the same level of customisation that a professionally built website can. Unique design and functionality help you stand out from the crowd. 

✅ Lean

Custom sites are often much leaner than bulky site builder offerings meaning your site will perform much faster which will reduce bounce rates. Nobody likes a slow website. 

 Customer Service

Going with an agency will provide you with great customer service. Meaning, there will be far less stress involved and any hiccups can resolved quickly. It goes without mentioning you are also supporting local business.

✅ Expertise

An agency will have the level of expertise required to bring your ideas to reality. Their passions revolve around creating websites and building great user experiences so they will be able to show you things you might never have even thought about going it alone. 

✅ Technology

Keeping up to date, technology is constantly evolving so keeping up to date with the trends is important. If you’re not a techie you’re not going to keep up to date and that’s going to have a negative impact on your website.


SEO, this is the most important aspect of any website, it doesn’t matter how good it looks or how nifty your features are if you’re SEO isn’t optimised then it's going to hurt the effectiveness of the site greatly essentially making it invisible. 

How we work

At dazzle works, we are constantly improving and honing our skills making our websites and our process more efficient and effective. We love to hear your ideas and are reliable in our consultations. We can offer services for almost all budgets. We thrive to make the process of getting a website up and running a smooth and enjoyable one. 

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Author: Darren is the founder and lead developer at dazzle works. He's from Waterford but lives all over, currently in NYC consuming way too much coffee and pizza.

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